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A Village of the Future, in France

Innovation, Solar Electrification and Last Mile Broadband

transform this rural area into a Sustainable Village

Asset Ownership, Content Production and Preservation of a Heritage Real Estate Asset

generate unlimited revenue streams

Set as an Innovation Campus Ecosystem

Castellum hosts innovation themed corporate retreats and accelerators

The Real Estate Investment Asset is a Heritage Site located in France 

The Castellum Reality TV about Innovation, Heritage Preservation and Art 

is produced on-site and sells its distribution rights globally

Castellum is the ultimate self-sustainable business venture that allows 

innovation to withstand traditions and history


Renewable economic activities of natural, human, and capital resources



Content Production


Real Estate Asset

US Corporate Camps

Coworking Space

Touristic Accommodation

Location Shoot


Permanent Art Gallery

Events & Seminars


Local Brands




Villages of the Future

Innovation Accelerator


Resell of PV Energy

Lease of Broadband & EV

PSTO as a group has in-house experience in infrastructure deployments.

We create healthy ROI when we delve into executing our own deployments.

We negotiate with equipment makers and local government officials for permits and we keep the know- how in -house.

This allows us to own the infrastructure, benefit of the available public funds to support the development, maintain control of costs, technology and maximize our revenue proceeds.

Castellum runs Villages of the Future

Its mission is to create a  sustainable business community in a regional village area

Castellum gathers global innovative minds to a historical location of heritage

Castellum drives local employment and revenues to the surrounding villages and worldwide

A Thriving Village

Smart Efficient Sustainable

We maximize our sustainability plans with 5 themes

Solar Energy & Agrovoltaics

√ reinforces local power infrastructure

Rural Broadband Connectivity

√ propels local digitization

Last Mile Transport

 creates the electric village commute community

Food & Aquatic

√ benefits fields of innovation worldwide

Real Estate Preservation

 brings value to our RE portfolio while preserving Heritage

Castellum increases the standard of living in well positioned geographical communities which are connected to history 

Castellum brand sets a blueprint to be replicated worldwide

Powerstorm Holdings is 100% shareholder of Castellum

Culture of excellence, quality service,

hospitality, respect, trust, fairness,

solidarity, freedom of expression

A multi-fold sustainability mission

… grounds of the patrimonial asset to a 5 star residential asset

… economic well-being of the village around it via technology

… global innovation by investing and hosting our on the ground Accelerator

…drive generous returns to shareholders and stakeholders

… business and cultural US – France ties

We are raising $40 million

For Solar, Broadband, Real Estate asset, Accelerator
US and international investors

EU and France