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Across European cities, we see the case for a more green and convenient form of transportation for the aging population. We are specifically interested in acquiring companies that could provide an alternative mode of city transportation for those who are 50 years old and above.

The focus will be in acquiring companies who possess an existing sellable solution and not just a prototype.

Together, we will participate in local city tenders with our chosen partners to provide a green and innovative street legal vehicle solution operating under a pay per model.

With the increasing prevalence of pay per use bikes, electric scooters, and similar forms of transportation in cities, there seems to be a widening gap between the modes of transport available for the different age groups.

Therefore, as part of our plans for city mobility, we target to acquire companies that are operating within the field and possesses a suitable solution to suit our aims. The acquired partner should have a working product with existing sales results.

Under the PSTO name, we will take part in local city tenders to provide innovative and green solutions for this niche segment.

” We will participate in city tenders for battery charged small road vehicles to be offered with a pay-per-use formula. “