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Subsidiaries are part of the PSTO cluster, the risk and success are overall leveraged, thus giving each one and overall to the PSTO brand more visibility and force.

PSTO cluster offers the ability to move projects forward faster, on a global scale,  with a meaningful exist strategy 

 The relatively small composition of the PSTO organization allows each subsidiary owner to still remain in lead, while benefiting of a growth oriented exit strategy

With a positive mindset and a tireless drive the founder has developed a business engine which is ready to be taken further  

Future potential personal exit strategy via PSTO as a listed company is a rewarding potential upside to a founder of a portfolio company

Profit creation via sustainability is key and in line with the PSTO values

Being part of the PSTO cluster means sharing the financial advances of the cluster community as a whole, both with the initial founders and the PSTO shareholders via the opportunity of stock price