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4 Key Differentiators 

Transatlantic Bridge

  • Leveraging US OTC listing to channel capital to underserved EU SMEs 

Established SME Focus:

  • Partnering with €5M+ revenue companies led by dynamic founders 

Growth Acceleration

  • Aiming to double partner SME revenues within 5 years 

Innovative Financing

  • Utilizing flexible instruments tailored to EU regulatory environment 

Innovative European SME Growth Model

Driving Revenue Growth and Scale-Up

EU Business Acquisitions

• Acquire and scale EU businesses with annual revenues exceeding $5 million.

• Aim for double revenue growth within five years.

• Select SMEs with ongoing business activities, market demand, and scalability potential.

CEO-Drive Growth

• Energize companies with dynamic CEOs to execute growth strategies.

• Maintain founder involvement for strategic guidance and vision continuity.

Growth Catalysts

• Provide capital, technology, and market access to fuel expansion.

• Align growth with financial sustainability and environmental, social governance.

Financial Stability Enhancement

• Inject capital, resources, and AI expertise to boost financial health and operational efficiency.

• Implement best practices in financial management and governance to enhance company value.

Adapt to market and industry changes to align with company growth needs.

Value Creation and Investor Returns

• Drive investor returns and company value growth.

• Target realistic ROI based on industry benchmarks and fund performance.

• Ensure long-term value creation aligns with stakeholder interests and positive societal impact.