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Why for M&A Entrepreneur

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Why for M&A Entrepreneur

PSTO carefully selects multi-talented, all-rounded leaders with backgrounds focused on finance. These individuals have a desire to be entrepreneurs, but they would rather not do it alone. With a blended track record in M & A, operations, and a growth oriented global vision, they pursue the acquisition process. They are the hunters behind the targeted companies.


The M & A entrepreneur identify, guide through the due diligence process and finalize the acquisition. They are the leaders behind each acquired company, managing directly with the individual owners of the targets, during the multi year handover process. They will stay as CEOs.

Strong M & A Expertise and IPO Experience

The entrepreneurs are professionals with significant M & A, capital markets, finance and private equity experience across a wide variety of industries, dedicated to sustainability, green and net-zero pursuits. They have a proven track record of producing high returns for investors. Their experiences are extremely valuable in ensuring the success of our business combined.


To date, we have identified 12 potential candidates.

We focus on mutual benefit, profit, and growth for all of our stakeholders.

PSTO is a consortium of privately held sustainability themed companies acquired for scalable growth with a purpose for high CAGR and high ESG

We offer an exit strategy to business owners who are making succession plans and are attracted by the potential of growing stock value in a public company

As a listed company PSTO offers a rewarding potential exit unequaled to other options

The business owner remains in the lead while executing a progressive multi-year hand-over to M & A entrepreneur

PSTO formula allows the financing of growth with product expansion on a global scale