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The sheer scale of our reach, results in a diversified strategy that provides investors with a uniquely qualified deal flow, whereby risk is spread among the targets which are part of the PSTO cluster.

At its core the PSTO investment approach is driven by our worldwide network of SME owners,  M & A Entrepreneur – Leaders and Global Business Mentors.  All these are passionate individuals who interact on a daily basis, while organically creating the next levels for the specific acquired business. 

This journey is rich with mentorship and emotional encouragement, which allows vision to flow freely.  

From enriched product and client offerings, to culturally savvy marketing campaigns focused on preservation of local traditions, PSTO allows a just-in-time development of the business by adopting financial instruments which are following SEC guidelines, while allowing the implementation of cutting edge possibilities, such as leaving space for blockchain, wherever possible. 

Acquisition Strategy and Investment Criteria


PSTO’s acquisition and growth plans is rooted in the strength and global outreach of the network of our management team, our M & A entrepreneur – leaders and that of the targeted businesses themselves. We capitalize on this powerful blend of collaboration to allow us access to the best, in the most organic manner.   

We source, identify, structure and consummate the initial business combination with the team’s broad network of contacts, including government bodies, investment bankers, investment professionals, private equity firms, financial sponsors, owners of private businesses, consultants, accounting and legal firms. 

This is the winning formula for leveraging the breadth of the necessary strong pipeline of successful acquisitions of the best of the best.

Geographical Focus

Western Europe, and South East Asia are our main areas of geographic focus, while we recognize that superior opportunities for the sector of power and energy may present themselves from the Northern part of Africa.  

We are flexible to geographic regions, as long as not under economic or political embargos, while always considering the risks of the emerging markets. 


Due Diligence

Each potential opportunity is considered with the due diligence, characterized by transparency and adherence to ESG.

Theme Focus

Our efforts focus is on targeting businesses limited  to the areas of sustainability, green, net-zero driven, with innovation and disruption as pillars, within five selected themes.

We aim to preserve and grow our stakeholder, investments and assets by applying a “no risk strategy” on the transparency of our due diligence, funding and strategic actions through:

  • Analysis of acquisition targets and projects.
  • Non–negotiating approach to the transparency of our funding and investors.
  • Strategical loyalty to a Nature- Positive Economy Portfolio.

We integrate ESG analysis into our investment process for companies and projects by evaluating ESG factors such as:

  • Environmental assessment
  • Social assessment
  • Governance assessment

PSTO is a consortium of privately held sustainability themed companies acquired for scalable growth with a purpose for high CAGR and high ESG.

PSTO is using a socially conscious set of  ESG standards to screen potential companies it acquires.

As a listed company PSTO offers a rewarding potential exit unequaled other options to privately held business owners who remain in the lead while executing a progressive multi-year handover to a M & A entrepreneur–leader.

PSTO formula allows financing of growth with product expansion on a global scale. 

At PSTO, we believe in attracting diverse investors to offer them the opportunity to share in our vision.

We recognize the increasing role that cryptocurrency plays and embrace the consideration of different investment structures, while transparency remains a non-negotiable.

“85% of investors considered ESG Factors in their investments in 2020.”


“85% of investors considered ESG Factors in their investments in 2020.”