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Broadband USA

It may come as a surprise that more than 35% of rural Americans lack access to the internet at minimally acceptable speeds. 


Telecom & Fibre

InfinityX Telecom is a global company drawing on 20+ years of experience in telecom spares provisioning, ever since the start of 2G.  With few geographical barriers, we have provided extensively in the emerging markets and islands, especially throughout Africa. With years of experience in equipment life-cycle management, we have supported our clients to maximize their investment by providing refurbished equipment and systems, spare and power supply units,  with lower Capex & Opex solutions to ensure the telecom sites are up and running, especially in many rural areas. 

At InfinityX Telecom our specialties are obsolete equipment which is no longer manufactured but often still needed by the global telecom operators,  and urgent deliveries of refurbished telecom infrastructure equipment .

In parallel, InfinityX Telecom takes an active participation to fibre related expansion projects, on the supply and on the deployment side.  Locally, we have two decades of tracked cooperation with clients and local system integrator partners.

” With risk everywhere today, so is the opportunity of good organically built business. “

Larger fiber expansion projects have been mostly financed by Asian competitors.  Western private equity historically has found Africa too risky, but perhaps no longer. 

With the power of PSTO as a publicly traded stock InfinityX Telecom foresees to continue the empowerment and facilitation of business development in this area, more than ever before.  We foresee a more structured and assertive participation in fibre  and  projects of grander magnitude.

From 2022 onwards, InfinityX Telecom plans to strengthen our participation and support in the development of the fibre infrastructure and digital economy, especially within Africa.  Many are existing clients who have been expanding their connectivity of fibre with our competitors,  and now, with the power of the financial markets, we find this is the moment to share some of the action.

Africa has more than 1 billion mobile subscriptions  with significant disparities, countries, and regions of the same country. Nearly 59% of the population lived in rural areas in sub-Saharan Africa in 2020. (World Bank) . In sub-Saharan Africa Internet penetration rate was 40% in urban areas in 2020, and only 16% in rural areas, hence an opportunity for expansion. 

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Broadband USA

It may come as a surprise that more than 35% of rural Americans lack access to the internet at minimally acceptable speeds. More than 30 million Americans live in areas where there is no broadband infrastructure that provides minimally acceptable speed.


Broadband Africa

Based on a study conducted in 2017, Africa has the lowest percentage of internet users as compared to other regions. 


US Small Business Speed Needs for Fiber

With many jobs, schools, and healthcare services shifting to virtual environments in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the need to deliver broadband connectivity across America has never been greater. 


Fiber carry out to reach 60% of European Families in 2022

In nations where the arrangement of full-fiber was delayed before, there has been a huge expansion in pace beginning around 2020. In nations, for example, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, the quantity of homes passed will develop at a much more noteworthy speed in 2022.


How Telcos Can Accelerate a Digital Future for All

Research shows that 5G alone can generate €113 billion an annual GDP impact and 2.4 million new jobs in 2025 in Europe. Based on an analysis conducted by BCG, €150 billion investment is still needed to achieve a full 5G deployment in Europe.


Fiber needs Africa

Mobile phones are by far the cheapest and most popular option in Sub-Saharan Africa for connectivity. However, this is still just 24% of the population and even these users often must make do with poor service.


Fiber broadband development in Europe

The acceleration of Fibre broadband development in Europe

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of broadband coverage as more social and economic activities moved online.