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Ecological transition is at the heart of the Government’s project and the France 2030 plan. To achieve the objectives set, the French Tech Mission is betting on supporting French start-ups in the GreenTech sector. Report at VivaTech 2022.


They are 1,800 in France. 1,800 start-ups that are part of the GreenTech ecosystem , a sector bringing together companies that develop innovative projects for the environment. Enough to make France the 4th GreenTech ecosystem in Europe , after Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom.

An advantage that the French Tech mission is highlighting this year at the VivaTech trade show, which is being held in Paris from June 15 to 18. “ It’s one of the main events around new technologies in Europe, ” explains Louis Fleuret, deputy director of the French Tech mission. ” It’s the perfect place to get our messages across and highlight the French start-ups that embody them .”

This year again the event attracts companies from all over the world, with more than 100 countries represented. A good way to ” promote French Tech internationally “, he specifies.


Number of start-ups that make up the GreenTech sector in France.

The French Tech stand at VivaTech 2022, June 15 – ©Bercyphoto

At the VivaTech show, French Tech combines technology and ecological transition

For this 2022 edition, the French Tech mission has taken up the challenge of highlighting only GreenTech start-ups on its stand.

“ We believe that part of the ecological transition will come from technology ”, recognizes Louis Fleuret, before continuing: “ There is a very good Greentech ecosystem in France. Many solutions already exist and are being developed by us, whether in sustainable construction, food, replacement of plastic components, hydrogen, waste recycling, etc. » he explains.

Position France as a leader in GreenTech and ecological transition

If GreenTech start-ups already represent 15% of the Next40 and 12% of the French Tech 120, the objective is to go even further: “ We would like to increase this share to have a huge ecological impact ” develops Louis Fleuret. Necessary prerequisites to have GreenTech recognized as an important stakeholder in the ecological transition.


Number of direct jobs created by GreenTech start-ups in France

There are technological solutions made in France for the ecological transition.

Louis Fleuret, deputy director of the French Tech mission.

There is a real opportunity for France and Europe to become the first continent to succeed in the ecological transition.

Louis Fleuret, deputy director of the French Tech mission.

The French Tech Next 40/120 is one of the support programs created and deployed by the French Tech Mission, which brings together the 40 and 120 most mature start-ups in the French start-up ecosystem.

The French Tech Green20 program in the spotlight

With this in mind, the French Tech mission took advantage of this event to announce the second promotion of the French Tech Green20 program . Objective, to support high-potential start-ups that meet the main ecological challenges. These offer breakthrough innovations on issues defined as part of the France 2030 investment plan : decarbonization of industry, carbon-free hydrogen production, production of electric vehicles, etc.

The French Tech mission is thus responsible for helping the selected start-ups to develop and deploy their innovations on a large scale. “ There are very strong economic opportunities for these start-ups. It’s a very open market for the future, ” explains Louis Fleuret.

However, they need support: “ We help them on several aspects. Mainly on regulatory issues in the GreenTech sector, but also on funding or recruitment issues, ” he explains. La French Tech, for example, provides these young winning companies with a network of correspondents in more than 60 state public services .

The winners also benefit from the network of 108 French Tech communities , all over the world, in order to be put in contact with other French start-ups. A real asset for France, for the development of these young shoots, which no longer hesitate to recruit foreign talent to launch themselves internationally.

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