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Powerstorm Holdings Inc. Announces Strategic Loan-to-Shares Conversion

Dover, Delaware, August 18, 2023

Dover, Delaware, August 18, 2023 – Powerstorm Holdings Inc., OTC Markets (OTC:PSTO) (“PSTO” or the “Company”), a forward-thinking consortium focused on acquiring small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the telecommunications and alternative energy sectors to introduce AI-driven automation solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic conversion of outstanding loans into equity shares. This move is a testament to the company’s continuous efforts to bolster its financial strength, streamline operations, foster growth, and reduce liabilities.

Key Highlights of the Loan-to-Shares Conversion: 

Balance Sheet Enhancement: The conversion of $204,275.00 in outstanding loans into equity shares aims to significantly improve the company’s financial standing, presenting a healthier profile to current and potential investors. 

Conversion Price & Share Issuance: The conversion price has been set at $0.40/share, resulting in the issuance of 510,687 shares. This value was chosen for this specific transaction to reflect the company’s confidence in its future prospects and align with stakeholder interests. 

Ana-Maria Pruteanu, Chief Executive Officer of Powerstorm Holdings Inc, shared, “This strategic conversion is not just a financial decision but a pivotal move in our overarching strategy to strengthen our position in the AI-driven automation solutions space. By transforming our liabilities into assets, we’re fortifying our balance sheet, paving the way for potential capital raises to fund strategic initiatives. With a robust financial foundation, we can better pursue strategic acquisitions, drive innovation, and deliver enhanced value to our stakeholders in the rapidly evolving telecommunications and alternative energy sectors.” 

About PSTO: 

Powerstorm Holdings, Inc. (PSTO) stands at the intersection of sustainability and technology. As a dynamic consortium, PSTO specializes in acquiring and nurturing privately held companies with a core focus on the telecommunications and alternative energy sectors. Our mission is to drive scalable growth by integrating cutting-edge AI-driven automation solutions into these enterprises, setting new industry standards. With an ethos rooted in innovation and disruption, PSTO is charting a course towards a sustainable future, positioning itself as a leader in leveraging technology for sustainable solutions. As we continue our journey, we remain committed to unlocking synergies across our portfolio, fostering organic revenue growth, and delivering unparalleled value to our stakeholders. 

PSTO’s management team is dedicated to maximizing stockholder value. Drawing on our diverse expertise across various business domains, we prioritize operational efficiency and strategic initiatives that drive organic revenue growth and profit enhancement. 

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Powerstorm Holdings Inc.

Ana-Maria Pruteanu, CEO

Loredana Gutiu, CFO

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