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Powerstorm Holdings Inc.  Reports 2022 Third Quarter Financial Results and Review of future plans 

Dover, Delaware, November 15, 2022


  • Dover, Delaware Nov. 15, 2022 – Powerstorm Holdings Inc., OTC Markets (OTC:PSTO) (“PSTO” or the “Company”) filed its quarterly reports, wherein the Company reported its financial results for the nine months ending September 30, 2022. 


  • Due to a sustainable effort and growth within its subsidiary Infinity Supply BV, in the nine months ending September 30, 2022, the Company’s increased Revenues determined an increase of 375% in Operating Profit and an increase of 379% in Net Income compared to the similar period in 2021. 


  • PSTO is a consortium of privately held sustainability-themed companies and projects, where innovation is key. Its scope of action targets projects in five themes, including power and alternative energy, telecom and fiber, real estate, aquatic innovation, and electric mobility.


  • While the PSTO stock is currently trading on the OTC as (OTC:PSTO), we prepare to file a new registration on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)  within the next 4- 6 months.  


  • On Dec.01, 2021 PSTO has completed the acquisition of Infinity Supply BV, a Dutch supplier of Telecom infrastructures, spare parts and mobile systems. The benefit of this acquisition has already begun to positively affect the PSTO financial results through increased revenue growth and by an expanded footprint.


  • Management team’s focus is to create stockholder value by leveraging its experience in different business categories, while continuing to improve the efficiency of the business, and the implementation of strategies that allow for organic growth of revenue and profits. 


  • Along with our global telecom distribution, we are currently developing 2 Real Estate Investment projects, both based in Europe. One is a Commercial Office Real Estate Investment and another a “Village of the Future”, centered around a Heritage site. In the latter one, innovation and solar electrification meet last-mile broadband development. We are currently finalizing the related business plans, while the websites for both RE projects have been launched for investors’ private viewing. 


  • Recently, PSTO announced that, its subsidiary Infinity Supply BV has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with a national telecom operator. 

Ana-Maria Pruteanu, CEO of Powerstorm Holdings Inc, states: “this is an opportunity to increase the breadth of our product range while continuing the global sales development of Infinity Supply BV. Telecom is a core area of focus for PSTO and we expect this expansion of the Infinity Supply BV product suite to meaningfully contribute to the growth of PSTO.” 

Loredana Gutiu, CFO of Powerstorm Holdings Inc, states: “along with several other ongoing projects, we expect this agreement to have a material benefit on Infinity Supply BV and PSTO’s growth trajectory heading into 2023. ”


  • PSTO is currently presenting a Term Sheet, for a  private placement offering.  This will allow the company to sell directly PSTO shares to qualified international investors. The raised funds will allow the company to finalize the purchase of the RE portfolios, as well as commit to several “last-in, first-out” projects in the categories of energy and telecom.   A Chief Revenue Officer, with a team of several Senior VP Business Development Managers will be hired to expand the PSTO business in each one of the 5 categories. 


  • The PSTO shares can be bought via direct private investment and on the US stock market via Fidelity Investments or TD Ameritrade. For international purchases please inquire with our investment division .


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