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Powerstorm Holdings Inc Announces Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Major Telecommunications Company

Dover, Delaware, November 11, 2022


Infinity Supply BV located in Jan Pieterszoon Coenstraat 7, The Hague 2595 WP, The Netherlands, a division of Powerstorm Holdings Inc, USA (OTC: PSTO), is announcing that it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with ProFiber, a division of Ogero, the national telecom operator of Lebanon.


Infinity Supply BV is aand globally recognized telecom equipment reseller that has been active in the space since 2005.


This multi-million-dollar agreement includes exclusive worldwide sales and distribution of a range of brand-new, excess broadband fiber equipment. This is a one-year agreement with the possibility for extension. The agreement does not include software rights.  


While broadband expansion is pursued globally by all telecom operators, supply chain challenges have created industry headwinds. Through its robust network, Infinity Supply BV seeks to serve as a key intermediary in the broadband parts resale market. . 


Ana-Maria Pruteanu, CEO of Powerstorm Holdings Inc, states: “this is an opportunity to increase the breadth of our product range while continuing the global sales development of Infinity Supply BV.. Telecom is a core area of focus for PSTO and we expect this expansion of the Infinity Supply BV product suite to meaningfully contribute to the growth of PSTO.” 


Loredana Gutiu, CFO of Powerstorm Holdings Inc, states: “along with several other ongoing projects, we expect this agreement to have a material benefit on Infinity Supply BV and PSTO’s growth trajectory heading into 2023. We look forward to working with ProFiber in the year ahead.”


About Powerstorm Holdings Inc:

Powerstorm Holdings, Inc. operates a consortium of privately held sustainability-themed companies and projects.  Its scope of action targets projects in five themes, including power and alternative energy, telecom and fiber, real estate and heritage,  food and aquatic innovation, and 

electric mobility. The company was incorporated in 2011 and is based in Dover, Delaware.  

Along with our global telecom distribution we are currently developing 2 Real Estate Investment projects, both based in Europe.  One is a Commercial Office Real Estate Investment and another centered around a Heritage site is a “Village of the Future” where innovation and solar electrification meet last-mile broadband development.

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