Resources and reports related to telecom infrastructure investments in emerging markets are available on the following websites of EY, KPMG, PwC, Deloitte, GSMA, WEF and ITU, where the latest publications could be found.


EY: “EY Africa Attractiveness Report” – This report discusses foreign direct investment (FDI) trends in Africa, including investments in the telecommunications sector.  The latest report available up to September 2021 was published in 2020.  (


KPMG: “Sector Report: Telecommunications in Africa” – This report published in 2015 provides insights into the telecommunications industry in Africa and addresses investment trends, challenges, and opportunities. (


PwC: “Africa’s Entertainment & Media Outlook” – This report covers the entertainment and media industry in Africa, including the telecommunications sector, and discusses investment trends and opportunities. (


Deloitte: “Deloitte on Africa – The New Africa – Building the Africa of tomorrow” – This report published in 2013 covers various sectors, including telecommunications, and discusses investment opportunities and trends in Africa.  (

GSMA: “The Mobile Economy Sub-Saharan Africa” – Provides insights into the state of the mobile industry in the region, including investments in infrastructure, regulatory developments, and growth trends. This annual report is published annually.  (

“The Mobile Economy Sub-Saharan Africa” 2022 GSMA to include the following aspects:


Regional overview: An overview of the mobile economy in Sub-Saharan Africa, discussing the state of the market, the role of mobile technology in driving economic growth, and the overall impact on societies in the region.


Mobile connectivity: A deep dive into mobile connectivity trends, including mobile subscriber growth, mobile internet penetration, and the adoption of various generations of mobile technologies (such as 3G, 4G, and 5G).


Mobile infrastructure: An analysis of the development and investment in mobile infrastructure in the region, including the expansion of network coverage, spectrum allocation, and the challenges and opportunities in infrastructure deployment.


Mobile services and applications: A review of the mobile services landscape, including mobile financial services, mobile health, mobile agriculture, and other digital services that leverage mobile connectivity to improve the lives of people in the region.


Policy and regulation: A discussion of the policy and regulatory environment in Sub-Saharan Africa, highlighting the role of governments and regulators in promoting digital inclusion, fostering innovation, and enabling the growth of the mobile ecosystem.


Economic impact: An examination of the economic contribution of the mobile industry, including the direct, indirect, and induced impacts on GDP, employment, and public funding.


World Economic Forum: “Global Competitiveness Report” – Although not specifically focused on telecommunications, this report provides insights into the overall competitiveness of nations, including the quality of their infrastructure. Published annually, the most recent edition available up to September 2021 was published in 2020, can be useful in understanding the overall state of telecom infrastructure in emerging markets. (

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is the specialized agency of the United Nations.

ITU website (

Reports focus on information and communication technologies including those involving emerging markets, Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, and small island nations.

ITU World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database: This annual database with the most recent edition available was published in 2020. It provides a comprehensive set of telecommunication and ICT indicators, including data on infrastructure investments, mobile and broadband coverage, and other related statistics.  It can be a valuable resource for understanding the state of telecom infrastructure in emerging markets. (

ITU Measuring Digital Development: Facts and Figures: This report  published in 2020, provides a global overview of the state of digital development, including data on connectivity, access, and usage. It covers various regions, including Africa and small island developing states. (

ITU Connecting Humanity: Assessing Investment Needs of Connecting Humanity to the Internet by 2030: This report published in 2020, evaluates the investment required to connect the unconnected population to the internet by 2030, including estimates for Africa and small island developing states. (


To find the most recent reports and data, visit the ITU website ( and explore their “Publications” and “Statistics” sections. You can also use their search function to find specific reports or data sets related to telecommunications investments in emerging markets.

Conclusion:   Visit the mentioned organizations’ websites and search their “Insights” or “Publications” sections to access the most recent reports.