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PSTO is a consortium of privately held sustainability themed companies acquired for scalable growth with a purpose for high CAGR and high ESG.

We offer an exit strategy to business owners who are making succession plans and are attracted by the potential of growing stock value in a public company.

As a listed company PSTO offers a rewarding potential exit unequaled to other options.

The business owner remains in the lead while executing a progressive multi-year hand-over to a M & A entrepreneur – leader.

PSTO formula allows the financing of growth with product expansion on a global scale.

A targeted privately held company at PSTO 
  • Is commited to sustainability, innovation, or disruption.
  • Leads an operational business, with revenue.
  • Has a specific, well established niche that is difficult to easily replicate.
  • It is not focused on cross-selling.

Initial owner of the privately held targeted company

  • Stays onboard for several years
  • Leads with passion for daily management, quality of the product and the company’s clients.
  • Spends the day-to-day on value creation.
  • Is less at ease with seeking capital.
  • Seeks to maintain an independent  management style to allow for organic growth.


PSTO cluster offers the ability to move projects forward faster on a global scale with a meaningful exit strategy. 

The relatively small composition of the PSTO organization allows each subsidiary owner to still remain in lead, while benefiting of a growth oriented exit strategy.


Original SME owner profile has developed a business engine which is ready to be taken multi- fold globally and financially.



Being part of the PSTO Cluster means sharing the financial advances of the cluster community as a whole, both with the initial Business Owner and the PSTO shareholders via the opportunity of stock price.